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Tustin Veneers

Porcelain Veneers Patient in Tustin CA

Serving Tustin, California, Dr. Hawary is a highly skilled cosmetic dentist with over two decades of experience in creating stunning dental veneers that enhance smiles. With his expertise, he can swiftly transform an unsatisfactory smile into a remarkable one within days, catering to the patient's preferences. Our dental veneers are fully customizable, allowing you to select tooth length, width, size, color, translucency, texture, shape, and form, bringing you closer to achieving the flawless smile you've always desired.

Who is a good candidate for Dental Veneers in Tustin?

When it comes to improving the look of your teeth, porcelain veneers offer an excellent solution. These thin porcelain shells are carefully placed on the front surface of your teeth, effectively enhancing their shape, size, and color. By choosing porcelain veneers, you can finally attain the flawless smile you've always dreamt of.

Good candidates for porcelain veneers in Tustin typically have one or more of the following issues:

  1. Discolored teeth: Teeth that are severely discolored or stained, and cannot be improved with teeth whitening treatments.
  2. Chipped, cracked or broken teeth: Teeth that are chipped, cracked, or broken due to injury or wear and tear.
  3. Uneven or misshapen teeth: Teeth that are uneven or misshapen, creating an unattractive smile.
  4. Gaps between teeth: Teeth that have gaps between them, creating an unattractive smile.
  5. Crooked teeth: Teeth that are slightly crooked or misaligned.

When it comes to enhancing your smile with porcelain veneers, it's important to note that not everyone is a suitable candidate. Prior to considering this treatment, your dentist will carefully assess your teeth and overall oral health to determine if porcelain veneers are the right solution for you. Factors such as tooth decay, gum disease, and bite alignment issues may need to be addressed beforehand. Therefore, it is crucial to have a thorough discussion with your dentist to explore your options and ensure that you are a suitable candidate for porcelain veneers before moving forward with the treatment.

The Art of Dentistry Institute also offers prepless veneers in Tustin, CA. Prepless veneers are veneers that are bonded to the surface of your teeth, with no or limited tooth structure being removed or reshaped in preparation to receive the veneers. They can be appropriate to correct some conditions such as reshaping teeth that are too small.

What is the procedure for Porcelain Veneers in Tustin?

The process of getting porcelain veneers typically involves several steps:

  1. Consultation: During the consultation, your dentist will examine your teeth and discuss your goals for treatment to determine if porcelain veneers are the right option for you.
  2. Preparation: To prepare your teeth for the veneers, a small amount of enamel is removed from the front surface of the teeth. This creates space for the veneers and ensures a proper fit.
  3. Impressions: Your dentist will take impressions of your teeth, which will be used to create custom-made veneers that fit your teeth perfectly.
  4. Temporary veneers: While your custom veneers are being made, your dentist may place temporary veneers on your teeth to protect them and maintain your appearance.
  5. Bonding: Once your custom veneers are ready, your dentist will place them on your teeth using a dental adhesive. The veneers will be carefully positioned and adjusted to ensure a proper fit and a natural-looking result.
  6. Final adjustments: Your dentist may make final adjustments to your veneers, such as polishing and shaping, to ensure that they look and feel just right.

Overall, the procedure for porcelain veneers typically takes 2-3 visits to the dentist over the course of several weeks, depending on the complexity of your case.

When you come for your initial veneers consultation in Tustin, CA, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of every aspect of your smile. This thorough evaluation helps us determine the optimal treatment plan and ensures that we achieve the most aesthetically pleasing outcome. At Art of Dentistry Institute, our primary goal is to ensure that your desired results are accomplished in the most effective and satisfactory manner possible. To find out if you are a candidate for dental veneers in Tustin, contact us at (949) 955-3366 to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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