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Cosmetic Dentist

At Art of Dentistry Institute, we evaluate not only the health and function of the mouth, but also every aspect of the teeth in relation to the gums, lips, and shape of the smile in order to achieve the best aesthetic result.

Any one or a combination of a few of our procedures can accomplish this, including:

Smile Design

Dr. Hawary a cosmetic dentist in Irvine, CA can give you a smile makeover that will bring balance and symmetry to the entire face. A smile makeover doesn’t only mean a beautiful and rejuvenated smile, however additional benefits include:

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There are many aspects that contribute to a well-designed smile. Depending on the patient’s facial and dental analysis, we will determine if treatment will involve the six anterior teeth or if it will extend to include the posterior teeth.

We evaluate the following elements of the smile to determine each patient’s treatment plan:

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