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Newport Coast Cosmetic Dentist

Newport Coast Cosmetic Dentist

The people who live, work, and play in the Newport Coast area are known for having fine tastes and even more discerning needs. As such, even something as simple as a winning smile may carry a great deal of importance for them. It is for this reason that finding a Newport Coast dentist to meet these high standards is a critical matter for many.

Let the Art of Dentistry Institute aid you in your desire for a healthy, beautiful smile. We perform both cosmetic and general dentistry with a high degree of care, putting your comfort and your needs first.

Choosing a Newport Coast Dentist

A Newport Coast dentist must have the skills, education, and qualifications to deliver perfect smile makeovers to each and every one of its hopeful clients. The Art of Dentistry Institute employs a staff of highly skilled individuals in the field of dental health to achieve this.

Our founder, Dr. Emil Hawary, is an Accredited Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). Only 59 other individuals hold this esteemed position, which Dr. Hawary earned through winning multiple accolades for his work. Through his vision and commitment to furthering dental education, technology, and, above all else, excellence, the Art of Dentistry Institute has become a top source for finding a dentist in Newport Coast, CA.

Smile makeovers are just one of the services we offer to give you beautiful, healthy teeth. We can also perform –

General Dentistry Services

If you are looking for regular, consistent care of your smile, the Art of Dentistry Institute provides general dentistry services in addition to its cosmetic applications. Our team of registered dental hygienists seek to identify what it is that you want most from your dental health needs. Whether you need assistance with scheduling a routine teeth cleaning session or are exploring the best way to proceed with a significant dental procedure in the Newport Coast area, our hygienists are trained experts in best-in-class general dentistry.

The Art of Dentistry Institute also offers periodontic, orthodontic, and oral surgery services, making our location the one-stop solution for your cosmetic dentistry and dental health needs.

Schedule a thorough office tour today, or pay us a visit and see for yourself how we can give you not only the smile you want but the smile you need.

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