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The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

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A Certified Cosmetic Dentist

We all hope that our doctor is a qualified and outstanding practitioner. However, many of us couldn’t point out an excellent dentist in a lineup. It’s more than a degree that makes a doctor – it’s experience and a commitment to patients and knowledge. Being a Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry® (AACD) signifies a dentist’s dedication and high standard of performance that many people seek.

What Is the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry®?

Certified Cosmetic DentistThe American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry® was founded in 1984 by 60 dentists whose goal was to create an organization dedicated to the art and science of cosmetic dentistry. The AACD now includes over 6,000 dental professionals, technicians, educators, and researchers from over 70 countries worldwide. The AACD provides a platform for communication and education in the cosmetic dentistry community on a global scale.

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry® strives to promote education for dental professionals long after they receive their degree. Any dentist that is accredited or a Fellow of the AACD has made a commitment to constantly evolve, learn, and provide outstanding patient care. The AACD desires to make the life-changing benefits of cosmetic dentistry available to more people each year. To become accredited, one must pass a written and oral exam as well as submit their own clinical cases for review. The AACD holds annual, rigorous Fellowship programs.

Dr. Hawary’s Commitment     

medalsDr. Hawary is the 60th dentist worldwide to become a Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry®, and in 2013 he became the first and only Fellow in Irvine, CA. Being a Fellow of the AACD means being a member of a group of people that are dedicated to working together as peers in the pursuit of knowledge and the advancement of the dental industry. He has also won multiple gold medals from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry® for his entries in the annual Smile Gallery Competition.

Becoming a Fellow of the AACD is completely voluntary, but Dr. Hawary felt it necessary to improve his own knowledge and skill set. This is what sets him apart from other cosmetic dentists – his constant pursuit of being better than the best. He takes his education and applies it at his Irvine practice, The Art of Dentistry Institute. Dr. Hawary’s number one priority is to always provide the most advanced and quality cosmetic treatments for his patients.

Schedule your consultation with an award-winning American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry® Fellow today. Dr. Hawary is dedicated to providing excellent patient care, and his friendly staff is available to answer your questions and concerns. Contact our office by calling 949-284-1383, or fill out our online contact form here for more information.

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