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Orange County Dentist

Orange County Dentist

Beautiful Smile with White Teeth

Orange County Dental Care

Your ideal Orange County dentist is here at the Art of Dentistry Institute. Located in Irvine, CA, we proudly serve the people of Irvine, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, and the surrounding Irvine areas, helping them achieve healthy, more beautiful smiles.

Our office supports dental health requests of all varieties, from dental implants to smile makeovers. Whether you need an Orange County dentist for general dentistry or a cosmetic dental specialist, let the Art of Dentistry Institute serve your needs.

General and Cosmetic Orange County Dentists

General dentistry is a much-needed service for anyone who cares about their smile. Basic reconstructive services for crowns, bridges, and other commonly damaged areas help restore and, in the opinions of our happy customers, even improve one’s smile.

For those who wish to go above and beyond simply taking care of their teeth, we have a full suite of cosmetic dentistry services for you to take advantage of at the Art of Dentistry Institute. Teeth whitening is one such common service that can completely brighten your smile, while porcelain veneers enhance and strengthen teeth into the vision of perfect health.

We can also offer –

Which dental services will make your smile shine? Schedule a visit to our office to receive our professional opinion, or simply visit us to meet us in person. We would love to learn how we can serve you best.

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Dr. Hawary and the Art of Dentistry Institute Staff

Choosing a dentist in Orange County who can provide you with your smile solution sounds like a tall order, but it is one that the Art of Dentistry Institute is more than equipped to solve.

Dr. Emil Hawary is a passionate, dedicated dentist with years of training and experience. He is also one of 60 members worldwide to have achieved Accredited Fellow status with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). Dr. Hawary has received numerous awards for his work, which is highlighted in our Smile Gallery. Dr. Hawary has delivered successful smile makeovers by putting the patient’s needs first and focusing on comfort while reducing any possible dental anxiety.

The Art of Dentistry Institute also boasts an expert staff of registered dental hygienists who are not only committed to learning how to best achieve your perfect smile but are dedicated to providing you with the most comfortable dental experience possible. Our office also offers orthodontic, periodontic, and oral surgery services that cover the wide range of needs our clients have when searching for their ideal dentist in Orange County.

Multiple Award Winning Dentist in cosmetic dentistry

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